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Haggis - if you know anything about Scottish food, you've probably heard of the Haggis... but you may not know what it is.

The haggis is made from a sort of sausage-meat made from the offal (or innards - lungs, heart, liver etc.) of a sheep. These are boiled, then minced and mixed with onion, lightly toasted oatmeal, suet, stock and salt and pepper. It's all mixed together and put inside a sheeps stomach which is sewn closed and then the whole thing is boiled for several hours.


Scottish porridge is another traditional Scottish food that dates back to the very early days of Scotland.

Oats were used in many dishes, and porridge was probably one of the most common and versatile meals that the ancient Scots came up with. Traditional Scottish porridge is made with 'porridge oats' (medium ground oatmeal, NOT 'quick cooking' or 'rolled' varieties), water and salt.

In more ancient times, Porridge may have been one of the worlds' first 'take-away' or fast-foods!


True Scotch Whisky reflects the land of it's birthplace, and the people who created it, in many ways. It is traditionally made from barley and pure, clear water - both of which are in plentiful supply in Scotland.

It also needs a cool, damp or moist environment in order to mature properly, again there's plenty of cool weather and moisture in Scotland! Scotland is a country which historically has proven it's strength and courage and fought fiercely for it's independence.