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Everyone goes to the Hermitage

"Those who did not stand in the queue for the Hermitage did not see Peter." Thirsty art stormed the main museums of St. Petersburg.

The main museums of St. Petersburg experience an influx of visitors during the long new year holidays. Acquaintance with the beautiful is anticipated in multi-meter queues, not all survive.

Impressions of "standing behind art" are shared on social networks on January 5. Traditionally, the Hermitage gathers a full house, and the camera watching the queue will hardly help to predict the waiting time. It shows only the Hermitage courtyard, a string of people on the Palace square in the broadcast on the Museum's website does not get.

"Who in the queue at the Hermitage did not stand – that Peter did not see" – with humor write tourists and still break into the halls. After the guard at the Palace, another obstacle is the wardrobe-there you have to hang around waiting for the number. All together can take from one and a half to two hours.

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