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New year in Saint Petersburg

This year, St. Petersburg residents and visitors will enjoy their holidays until January 8,which means that we have a lot of time for entertainment and maintaining the Christmas spirit.


1. Recharge your new year mood in advance

Build a route according to our recommendations, look for the most photogenic Christmas trees in the city and do not forget to look at the fabulous Christmas market. Also, to raise the festive spirit will help decorate the apartment: never neglect the Christmas tree and dress up a live or artificial tree. By the way, in St. Petersburg there are many ways to buy a live Christmas tree without harm to nature. If you are close to the most eco-friendly options, then look at our list of unusual ideas.

You can now find atmospheric Christmas markets in almost any area of the city.


2. Think about your holiday image in detail

Everything plays an important role here - from clothes to jewelry and masquerade masks. If the pre-holiday bustle in shopping centers does not have you to a pleasant shopping, choose cozy showrooms and shops of original jewelry. And we also know how to look stylish this winter and not freeze: study a selection of places with knitted things.

2020 will be the year of the white metal rat. If you believe in astrology, in the dress give preference to soft and flowing fabrics.

You can collect the image in advance through websites and store pages in social networks — this can help you save your nerves and avoid unnecessary spending.

3. Prepare for new year's eve

Everything is important here: from the favorite treats of The new year symbol to the weather forecast and traffic schedules. We advise you to carefully study the new year's eve program and choose in advance where you will go to watch the festive fireworks. Festivities at the Palace are scheduled until 04: 00, after which you can get home by metro.

If you do not want to celebrate in the city center, choose a place to meet the New year in your mood and be sure to plan what you will do on January 1, in addition to watching TV and destroying the remnants of a festive dinner.


We advise you to watch the salute from the city's embankments, so nothing will interfere with your review.

Forecasters said that on new year's eve in the city will be established clear weather with a little frost and snow. The air temperature will be from -1°C to -4°C.

4. Choose entertainment for the whole family and spend time with children

In January, you can save money not only on long trips, but also on family walks in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.Create your own fairy tale together with your family, arrange a joint raid on the best skating rinks in the city and plan a perfect vacation for your child.


Sorting out gifts and watching new year's movies is, of course, good. But we still advise you to get out for a walk more often!